Cambridge IGCSE ESL Article writing model answer: Can video games like PUBG ruin students?

Cambridge IGCSE ESL Article Writing to School Magazine

Do you think mobile games are unimportant to students? If yes, should think about it. A significant number of parents argue that video games are harmful to students because it causes addiction.

One of the negative sides of video games is that it causes health hazards due to continuous games. Some people say video games destroy a good relationship in the family because players do not find time to interact with family members and finally they may be socially isolated. A few teachers believe that students do not study their lessons and their grades deteriorate because of their games such as PUBG.

However, I strongly believe mobile games play an important role in teenage life. I have many reasons to say video games are very important for teenagers. My first reason is that students learn problem-solving techniques by playing the game. Another positive point of the game is that it enhances critical thinking and also helps us to enhance our hand and eyes coordination that is really important for the students. Another important reason is that it improves our social skills. Last but not least, mobile games help us to increase our concentration.

I remember a true story that I read in a kid’s magazine. Once there was a boy in China who was very poor in studies. His parents gave him a mobile phone and he started playing video games. Later he showed tremendous progress in his studies. Researches illustrate that such games could enhance mental ability.

To sum up, video games have both advantages and disadvantages. It is inappropriate to say video games are completely hopeless for students. Video games have a multitude of benefits too. One of the most important things is that teachers and parents should understand the real value of mobile video games. However, students should not play excessively and destroy our lives. Many of my friends say that it is a shame if we haven’t played a game like PUBG!