How to write a public speech for students on bullying?

Honourable judges, beloved teachers and my dear fellow competitors. Good evening one and all.

Have you ever been bullied? Yes, I have been. I must say it is a total nightmare. So, friends, my name is Ann Maria, and today I am going to share my views on bullying.

What is the biggest problem in a student’s life? First thing is bullying. The second thing is bullying. And the third thing is bullying. Bullying takes place every single day. It takes place in this AV room. .It happens in our classrooms. It takes place even in social media.

We all see bullying. We know that it is there. We also do it even sometimes knowingly or unknowingly. We all bully others and why? For jealousy?  For popularity? Or for fun? And the whole time, we pretend we don’t care about anything that goes on around us.

Yet we all say and do things that we care about more. We allow bullies to grow. We keep quiet and we all make bullies one way or another. Whether it’s gossiping in the classrooms or a post on Facebook or pushing someone around, we all do it and allow others to do it.

However, all of us have been a victim of bullying too. We’ve all had those days when we were being mocked and harassed. And we were so terrified that we had to be alert every moment for their mischievous and inhumane actions.

Dear friends, bullying is an inappropriate way to vent your anger. So my advice for all of you is that we should stand for each other instead of creating conflicts between us. And fight back for your rights! 

Dear friends, to sum up, I hope you will never allow anybody to bully anymore.  And more importantly, you will stop bullying others.

Thank you for giving me your valuable time. Wassalaam Alaikum.