How to write a speech on leadership to deliver in school assembly?

Honourable judges, teachers, parents and my dear friends. Good morning one and all. I’m Ann Maria and today I’m going to express my views on the most important quality a student must have in his life.

What do you think is the most important quality for a student? I think it is the leadership qualit. Leadership is the action of leading a group of people in the right direction.

Dear friends, have you heard about the famous American president, Abraham Lincoln? When he was a boy, he was very poor. He did not get a chance to study well. He read books under the street light. But he had leadership qualities, that made him the most famous American president of all time.

I would like to share with you the important qualities that make good leaders. The first and most important quality is honesty and integrity. A leader should have confidence and he must inspire others. He must be a good communicator and should take responsibility and accountability. For me, a leader should be creative and innovative. Last but not least, a real leader should have decision-making abilities. Dear friends, if you want to become leaders, you should try to develop all these qualities.

Today I would like to remind you of a great Maldivian leader, Mohamed Thakurufaanu. You can see all the leadership qualities in him. Another great example is Mahatma Gandhi who was born with leadership qualities. He fought against British people and won freedom just like Mohamed Thakurufaanu.

Friends, in conclusion, I would like to say those leadership qualities are important things for becoming an ideal student. You all can become leaders. You all can develop these qualities. I hope these tips will give you an idea how to become great leaders. Thanks for listening. Have a great time.