Write an email to your friend about your visit to a fast food restaurant.

Cambridge IGCSE ESL Email Writing

Hi Alex,

Sorry I haven’t written in ages, for I’ve been busy preparing for my exams and haven’t had time. Anyways, I thought you might like to know about my visit to the newly opened fast-food restaurant in our town.

Do you remember the fast food restaurant I told you a few weeks ago? Last Friday, I thought we’d pop down for a visit with my family to celebrate my younger sister Maya’s 10th birthday. We went to the Pizza Hut which was on the west coast with a spectacula view of Tsunami Memorial. It is an excellent place to relax and enjoy the evening.

Unlike the other places, the interior of the restaurant was painted with bright red and brown. Air was always filled with the aroma of delicious mouthwatering pizza and the only sound was the talk and laughter of people and light romantic music.I must say ,i was over the moon.

We ate something special! Guess what? My sister is crazy about spicy chicken pizza but all the family members couldn’t stand the smell of spices. So we all ate yummy Italian meatball pizza and coke.

Even though the food was extremely delicious, we thought it was unhealthy to eat every day.

Well, I hope you get some ideas about my visit to Pizza Hut. Do find my attachment of photos from the restaurant.

With love,