How to answer Reading Comprehension 2 Multiple Matching Exam Exercise of IGCSE ESL examination?

Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language

Exam Exercise 2
Are you one of them who is worried about the reading comprehension multiple matching, the new examination exercise 2?  If yes, GET A GRIP ON IT! Now you don’t need to worry anymore, and a solution has been found! Reading Comprehension Multiple Matching of Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language  Exam Exercise 2 in paper 1 and 2 of the new pattern of examination starting in 2019 Solved!

You are going to master this exercise by the simple steps given below

The best strategy

  • Read the questions or statements and underline the keywords.
  • Read each section or paragraph and find sentences matching with any of the questions.
  • You can repeat the same to find matching sentences with the other questions too.

An alternative strategy for solving it.

We can also solve this exercise in the following ways:

First of all, read quickly the full passage in the question paper and get a general idea.

Secondly, read again to get the detail idea of the topic.

Finally, read the statements or questions and match with the sentences.

Final tips!

Check for synonyms or paraphrases Underline the sentence in the paragraph which you think is matching with the question.
Your teacher will certainly ask you why you took that answer anyway!
Underline the answer sentence that will help you to find the reasons for your mistakes anyway
Be careful that there will be a lot of views from people.
So let us learn the vocabulary relevant to our reading comprehension.
Last but not least, the tenses in the question and the passage


  • Skim
  • Scan
  • Read in detail and match

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Why have you chosen an MBA course?

A frequent question asked to a person who wishes to join an MBA course not only by the business school teachers but also the family and friends is that why they had chosen to study an MBA course? One of the most important reasons why I have chosen an MBA course is to learn management skills since I have been working with my dad in my family business. MBA course is always a good option for me because an MBA degree is always valued all around the world and I hope it will help me to improve my career perspective and status.

MBA is essential for me because I’m looking for a superior position in my office as I can be at the top of the managerial position or being a part of the board of directors. Another positive side I see is the professional look that enhances my personality. Another merit is that the MBA is a safe and flexible course that I can pursue in my spare time. I strongly believe that the MBA enhances the communication skills, clarity, fluency and positive energy to live with confidence.   I also think that I am highly appreciated in society, family and even among my friends. Moreover, I hope that it will change my vision and perspective and surely makes it wider and more positive.

To sum up, it is my strident contention that an MBA course will improve my knowledge, skills, and ability. It will also provide me several opportunities to speed up my career growth and improve managerial skills. Furthermore, it is going to enhance my job efficiency and effectiveness. Finally, it is my unwavering credence that MBA improves my technical skills that are essential for my current position.

Report writing: Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language

Cambridge IGCSE ESL English as a Second Language

Report writing

Cambridge IGCSE ESL Examinations

This article focuses on the new topic of formal writing in the revised pattern of examinations starting from 2019 in Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language which needs to be answered together with a few basic rules related to formal register. It then describes various features you should include when you use the formal register. It also focuses on specific phrases and expressions used for reporting accurately, giving opinions and making recommendations, and also to put forward your views and arguments too.

Apart from friendly letters or emails, you need to produce either a report, a review or a school magazine article which you need to be completed in a formal register. You should never forget that your readers or audiences will be a group of students or your teachers so you have to present the facts and recommendations in a formal or semi-formal tone depending on the topics.

Formal language structure is the most important part of your writing that you need for making formal writing. An exam type question usually contains function words, for example, write a report giving suggestions or recommendations and opinion.

Language Tips

The best way to master the formal language is that learning to use phrases associated with language functions, for example, it is high time that a government increased the tax.

Some general tips for formal writing

1. When writing formally it is appropriate to include formal tone and register

2. You should not use the words and phrases that belong to the friendly register.

3. No slang words or phrases.

4. No humor because topics are serious of nature or factual.

5. No personal style (should be impersonal)

6. You should always keep your audience in your mind.

Basic tools for informal writing

Time fixer Phrases

I soon as we reached there…

We arrived at the site…

Once we all arrived  

The journey to the site was tranquil and scenic..

Phrases for introduction

The aim of this report is to highlight what we learned…

The report aims to highlight…

This report purports to highlight …

This report aims to investigate …

This report aims to recommend…

The purpose of this report to highlight…

This report aims to present what we learned from the trip…

Phrases for generalisation

A significant number of students…

I love the number of parents…

Almost all students…

A vast majority of students…

A large number of teachers…

Phrases for the positive side

Many students were captivated to see…

It was fascinating to see…

We all got insight into the importance…

We managed to study fascinating facts about…

The vast majority of students were stunned as they discovered …

Phrases for negative sides

It was appalling to see…

However many people felt that it was

Notwithstanding the boons, it was totally saddening to see that…

A large number of students found that the trip was a bit haphazard…

Opinion phrases

I strongly believe that…

I vehemently believe that …

It is my unwavering credence that…

Phrases for recommendations

I would recommend that…

Perhaps we could also consider asking…

For the reasons, I have mentioned I highly recommend visiting…

I am convinced that they…

In the light of what we observed from the visit that…

It is high time that…

In the remaining sections, we examine in detail performing languages which have been traveling to interactions positive signs recommendations and opinions

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School Magazine Article Writing

School Magazine Article for Cambridge IGCSE ESL Students

                     ANIMALS ARE BORN FREE!

Do you think it is high time that we save wild animals? Have you ever thought about having a zoo in our town? Nowadays a significant number of naturalists have been campaigning against zoos, arguing that it is cruel to keep wild animals in cages, away from their natural environment. However, like many other teenagers, I believe that zoos have a positive role to play, but some staunch critics are not convinced about it.

First of all, many species of animal are in danger of extinction because their natural habitat is disappearing, due to deforestation. Some like elephants are hunted for their ivory and tigers for their skins. Therefore, if animals kept in captivity they can breed in safety, which will prevent the species from dying out.

Another reason for keeping animals in captivity is that it gives many of us a chance to see animals from all around the world without having to travel. A trip to the zoo is an example way to spend a day out because we can enjoy ourselves and learn about animals at the same time.

On the other hand, a large number of animal lovers argue that it is cruel to keep animals in cages. It is my strident contention that animals are protected in the zoo from extinction.

To sum up, it is my strong contention that zoos should not be closed down because they are beneficial both to humans and to animals. It would be better if the government started building zoos in our country as it is high time to do so. You do not want to see some animals like tigers become extinct, do you?

Writing skills practices: School Magazine article

Tips for writing articles

  1. Use formal language in the article.
  2. Express your opinion and support with reasons and examples
  3. Have a catchy title.
  4. Ask questions to the readers.

Now it is your turn!

Read the article again, and rewrite the article to improve your writing skills:-

Q.Your school magazine is inviting you to write an article for the school magazine expressing your opinion about animal conservation in your country.

The article should be between 150 and 200 words long. You will receive up to 10 marks for the content of your article, and up to 9 marks for the style and accuracy of your language.

[Total Marks 19]